Is Patient Advocacy Certification on the Horizon?

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certificationsealThe quick answer to that question:  it depends on how far away you define horizon.

The more accurate answer to that question:  a definite maybe.

The more exciting answer to that question:  yes!

And now everyone’s favorite – answering a question with another question:  That depends. Will you get involved?

No promises here – but at least a good head start.

A notice is being sent to thousands of patient and health advocates and navigators over the next several days, providing them with the status of a new certification or credential-development initiative, and – very importantly – inviting them to participate in the process.

That may mean YOU!

Here’s where you can get all the information available about this exciting initiative:

Why don’t you consider getting involved?

As for what exists today?
Link here to learn about the status of a
nationally recognized patient advocacy certification.

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Plenty of Disruption at the PPAI Conference

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It was an incredible collection of professionals representing a wide spectrum of private and hospital advocacy.  Men, women, younger (20-somethings), older (70-somethings), newbies (“I’m still thinking about it”) and veterans (“I’ve been doing this for 20 years!”). Bedside advocates, hospital advocates, billing and claims advocates, mediators, nurses and nurse practitioners, lawyers, x-ray technicians, social workers, CPAs, mothers, fathers, daughters and sons, nieces and nephews, neighbors and friends…

And they are all disruptive – and are now more committed to continuing disruption than ever.

Such was the PPAI (Professional Patient Advocate Institute) Conference held last week in Orlando. It was a marvelous event, the speakers were incredibly knowledgeable, and the venue was terrific.

But disruption?  Let me explain.

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Professionalism Ratchets Up a Notch at the 2012 NAHAC Conference

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While Superstorm Sandy made an attempt to put the kibosh on this year’s NAHAC Conference (National Association of Health Advocacy Consultants), she could not dampen the spirits, nor the passion or professionalism of this year’s gathering.

… proving, once again, that you can’t slow down this advocacy freight train.

While I understand that a handful of folks didn’t make the trip (some from storm-torn areas), the crowd was almost as large as it might have been if no storm ever tried to stand in the way.  As it turned out, at least a half-dozen folks from the NYC / NJ / Southern Connecticut area made the effort to be there because the hotel had a hot shower and internet – which they didn’t have at home (yet!)  The Hyatt was happy to accommodate.

My overall observation of the event?

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The Lessons We’ll Learn from Dad

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My father, Richard F. Torrey (known to friends as Dick), passed away yesterday, Sunday, September 30th. He was a remarkable man who led a remarkable life.

I tell you this because part of Dad’s legacy is going to be the healthcare and advocacy lessons we learned along the way. Dad as patient. Daughter as advocate. A treasure trove of experiences.

Over the years I took note of the many – MANY – experiences we had through his health journey.  But I haven’t written about many of them….  As long as Dad was still alive, there was privacy to consider and maintain.  He and I talked about that many times.  Something notable would happen, we’d wend our way through it, then he would tell me, “Write that one down – it will be a good one to share someday.”

Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1986 – yes, you read that right – 26 years ago. (By the way – that was before the PSA test existed for diagnosis.)  He had surgery that year, but some of those cancer cells escaped.  So Dad dealt with the disease for the next 26 years. You can imagine what we learned along the way about the healthcare system – both good and bad.

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Start and Grow Your Independent, Private Advocacy Practice – Coming Soon!

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Coming Soon!

I’m happy to announce that my next book is now in the hands of the publisher, in the final stages of being edited, prepped and printed:

The Health Advocate’s Start and Grow Your Own Practice Handbook – is on its way.

Pre-orders are now available (through October 1.)
($10 off the total of cover price, plus shipping and handling).
Pre-ordered books will be mailed on or before November 1.

It’s a step-by-step guide, covering soup to nuts, for starting a one person, solo practice or a partnership of two or more people.  If your intent is to start up a multi-national corporation, then no – this book isn’t going to do that for you.  But if you have some good advocacy experience (navigation, billing, therapy, mediation or others) and you wish to start your own practice, for-profit or non-profit, then this book can get you there.  It includes details for advocates in both the United States and Canada.

And – the book comes with a bonus!  (See below)

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