You’re Not Charging Enough, and It’s Hurting Our Entire Profession

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  • What is it worth to find someone who can save your life?
  • What is it worth to find someone who can provide quality to a life that has little or no quality because of health problems?
  • What is it worth to find someone who can save you tens of thousands of dollars, or to prevent you from going bankrupt?
  • What is it worth to find someone who can alleviate your fear, and provide peace of mind?


I can tell you what it’s worth based on what I read in the press, in the APHA Forum, in my email and based on feedback from many of you:

On the high end, it’s worth about $350 an hour.

But on the low end, every day, many of you behave as if it’s worth is $0. Nothing. Zero. Nada. Zip. 

And in most cases, you don’t realize that is what you are doing.

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The One Thing That Will Cause Your Private Advocacy Practice to Fail

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Here are samples of some inquiries I have received from people wanting to be advocates. See if you can guess what they all have in common:

I want to help Medicaid patients find doctors who will take their insurance.

We plan to help children with mental health issues find the help they need.

I want to help young girls who find themselves pregnant find the social services they need to get them through their pregnancies.

I want to work with churches and senior centers to help their members and attendees understand their medical care.

I want to help lymphoma patients with shared decision-making about their treatment.

I want to help children in _____ County who have neurological disorders. (The county named is in a poor, rural part of a southern state.)

One thing they have in common is that everyone of them has a noble and worthwhile mission. They have developed missions that come from each inquirer’s heart.  There is no doubt there will be people who need them and who they can help.

But that one thing they have in common is also the one thing that will cause them to fail in private practice, too.

How so?

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I’ve done advocacy for friends and loved ones all my life. Now I just want to get paid for it.

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screamingladyThose words….  I wish I had a nickel for every time someone told me “I want to join the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates because I’m good at advocacy, I’ve done it for years for friends and family, and now I just want figure out how to get paid for it.”

Honestly?  Sometimes those words make me want to scream, because I know they will never make that leap.

The answer is actually very simple (it’s only four words!), and is provided below. The problem is, no matter how simple the answer, no matter how many opportunities they have – the majority of people who can make that statement will never be paid for independent advocacy work.

Why not?

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Asking WTWTTCH Helps to Overcome the Paralysis of Analysis

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Geschockte Seniorin hält ihre Hände in ablehnender Haltung vor sichHaving just returned from the APHA Business and Marketing workshops in Tampa, and in reviewing my notes and questions from attendees, I’ve come to a new conclusion about why many people have so much trouble pulling the trigger to actually SAY they are in practice – the formal hanging of their shingle, as it were….

Regular readers know I call this the “paralysis of analysis” – that inability to take the last steps.  I’ve written about it here, and I’ve made recommendations here, and in both those cases, I’ve made a pretty thorough case for why advocates should not be so afraid to take those last steps.

My new thinking actually shifts the direction a bit…  whittles it down to a singular fear that I think represents the great majority of paralysis of analysis…. that is, that….

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Doing What You Love Right Into a Hole

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businessmodelEach week I’m contacted by a handful of people who have just begun thinking about becoming professional patient or health advocates. Often they share long stories – many paragraphs or several minutes long… describing years of advocacy for a loved one, or a resumé full of nursing experience, as if they need to convince me that they would make a good advocate or they run the risk of not hearing back from me.

These long, heartfelt messages are about the intersection of passion for advocacy – and the wish to use that passion to make a living. Advocacy fits them. They love it!  They’ve been doing it for a long time. They have enjoyed their journey as advocates so far, have usually been frustrated in some way by a system that wants to thwart good outcomes for patients, they see how it can improve, and now they want to be advocates in this very different, independent way – and be paid for doing it.

But I worry about most of them.

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